Faster, Cheaper, Brighter

Bruce M. Applegate, PhD
• Professor of Food Microbiology (Food Science Department, Purdue University): Over $2.4 million research grant funding since 2005, 48 peer reviewed publications.
• Inventor & Entrepreneur:11 patents and 2 pending
• Awards include: Entrepreneurship Leadership Academy Fellowship, College of Agriculture Millionaires Club, Purdue University Seed for Success Award, ESGR Patriotic Employer Award, NASA Inventions and Contributions Board Award

Khashayar Farrokhzad, PhD
• Food microbiologist experienced in developing and testing pathogen detection and control methods.
• Involved in testing industry
• Familiar with target customer needs and preferences.

our goal

Using technology developed at Purdue we have created a rapid, simple and inexpensive test for the detection of E. coli O157:H7, based on genetically modified viruses (bacteriophage) that produce light in the presence of the target pathogen. We have developed a highly sensitive and specific genetically modified phage that can be incorporated in the current approved testing procedures to detect E. coli without requiring specialized equipment or expensive reagents.

Save lives, time and money!

By providing rapid, simple and inexpensive detection without requiring specialized equipment, training or expensive reagents, we hope to:
• Enable food manufacturers to produce safe food, and comply with government regulations while maintaining a profitable food chain.
• Reduce testing time, resulting in shorter holding times for products and a faster response to any contamination, ultimately reducing costs.
• Enable better monitoring and more frequent testing with lower cost to enhance safety of foods.

our technology

who we are